The Dreaming

Tokyo Silence

Publisher Tourdogs
40 pages inclluding 20 black & white photos / 20.3cm x 13.3cm
Soft cover, printed in 2021

7 Euros

For purchase, please see the publisher's website below.

The Dreaming

The Dreaming

Publisher 蒼穹舎 / Sokyusha
104pages including 86 black & white photos /24.6 x 22.6cm
Soft cover, printed in 2020

3,600yen + consumption tax

Winter Journey

Winter Journey

Publisher Mona Lisait
24 pages including 22 black & white photos / 10.0 x 15.0 cm
soft cover, printed in 2019

5 euros

For purchase, please contact to Mona Lisait, a book shop in Paris.

> Winter Journey YouTube

By the Sea

By the Sea (booklet)

17pages including 13 color photos / 36.8 x 29.6 cm
soft cover, printed in 2018


> By the Sea(booklet) YouTube



Publisher 蒼穹舎 / Sokyusha
114pages including 108 color photos / 19.2 x 22.8cm
Hard cover, printed in 2017

3,800yen + consumption tax



Publisher 蒼穹舎 / Sokyusha
90pages including 67 black & white photos / 21.7 x 30.2cm
Hard cover, printed in 2014

3,800yen + consumption tax

Slowly Down the River


Publisher クレオ / Creo
104pages including 59 color photos / 25.2 x 26.9cm
Hard cover, printed in 2008

2,800yen + consumption tax

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