Tokyo Silence


Tokyo Silence

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中国のノイズに慣れきった私の耳に、東京の街は妙にひっそりと感じられた。東京はなんでこんなに静かな街なんだろう ー 中国から帰国するたびに不思議に思ったことを覚えている。電車の中で話をする人は誰もいないし、通りを大声でわめき歩く人もいない。確かに東京もノイズに満ちた都市のひとつに違いない。だが、中国のノイズと東京のノイズは本質的に何かが違う。東京のノイズは店先のBGMや大型スクリーンに配信された動画広告の音声がそのほとんどだ。もしこれらの音が東京じゅうで一斉にミュートされたら? 私は思う。東京はそのとききっと、真夜中の水族館のような沈黙の風景を我々に露呈するに違いない。

この静けさはいったいどこからくるのだろう ー そんな考えがおそらくきっかけだったのだと思う。ライカにモノクロフィルムを詰めて私は東京のストリートを歩き始めた。この街に深く沁み込んだ静寂を写真で視覚化したいと思いながら。

Not so long ago I was crazy about traveling in China. In China, everywhere you look there is chaos. Shouts of people on the overcrowded streets, the squawking of car horns echoing in the grey sky, roaring voices from the loudspeakers scattered all over the cities - I really loved those Chinese street noises and I remember walking each day as if struck by lightning.

After getting used to such chaotic noises in China, the silence of Tokyo sounded very unique to me. Every time I came back to Tokyo, I wondered how could the city be so quiet? No one talks on the trains, no one shouts on the streets. Yes, Tokyo is a city of noise too, but I think the character of noise is inherently different between the two countries. Here in Tokyo, almost all of the noises are from autoplaying music such as background music from shops or video ads on huge screens. What would happen if all the autoplay music is suddenly muted? While walking on the Tokyo streets, sometimes I feel an illusion as if I were in the bottom of an aquarium, where a curious silence surrounds us.

Such a thought pushed me to shoot the Tokyo streets, with a monochrome film-loaded Leica in my hand. What I wanted to capture was the characteristic silence of Tokyo, which prevails in the depth of our life like water.