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Into the Silence

Publisher Blue Lotus Editions + Photo Editions
ISBN 978-988-76192-5-3
100 pages including 85 color photos. 25.2cm x 25.2cm.
Hard cover. Second edition printed in 2024.

7,500 yen.

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Tokyo Silence

Publisher T&M Projects
ISBN 978-4-909442-28-4
96 pages including 59 black & white photos / 25.6 cm x 22.9 cm
Hard cover, printed in 2022


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Tokyo Silence <Sold Out>

Publisher Tourdogs
40 pages inclluding 20 black & white photos / 20.3cm x 13.3cm
Soft cover, printed in 2021

7 Euros

For purchase, please see the publisher’s website below.

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The Dreaming

Publisher 蒼穹舎 / Sokyusha + Blue Lotus Edition
104pages including 86 black & white photos /24.6 x 22.6cm
Soft cover, third printing in 2022

4,500yen + consumption tax

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Winter Journey <Sold Out>

Publisher Mona Lisait
24 pages including 22 black & white photos / 10.0 x 15.0 cm
soft cover, printed in 2019

5 euros

For purchase, please contact to Mona Lisait, a book shop in Paris.

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By the Sea (booklet)

17pages including 13 color photos / 36.8 x 29.6 cm
soft cover, printed in 2018


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Publisher 蒼穹舎 / Sokyusha
114pages including 108 color photos / 19.2 x 22.8cm
Hard cover, printed in 2017

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島語り <Sold Out>


Publisher 蒼穹舎 / Sokyusha
90pages including 67 black & white photos / 21.7 x 30.2cm
Hard cover, printed in 2014

3,800yen + consumption tax

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Slowly Down the River

Publisher クレオ / Creo
104pages including 59 color photos / 25.2 x 26.9cm
Hard cover, printed in 2008

2,800yen + consumption tax

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Book Order (International)

The book(s) will be shipped worldwide by registered mail.
Generally it will take about one week to Asia and 8-10 days to Europe, North America and Australia. Book(s) will be packed with care and ample packing materials. Tracking number will be provided to each parcel.

One copy of my new book Into the Silence is 7,500 Japanese yen + shipping. The shipping cost (one copy of the book + packing materials, total 980g) is as follows :

to China, Korea and Taiwan 1,700 yen
to Asia except countries above 1,910 yen
to Europe, Oceania, Canada, Middle East and Mexico 2,580 yen
to United States 3,170 yen
to Central & South America (except Mexico) and Africa 3,350 yen

Payable by PayPal. For purchase, please email me to

Cabinet size prints are also available (paper size 12.7 x 17.8cm, see below). Prints are signed and stamped. The prints will be made on Kyokushi Baryta, the highest quality photo paper available in Japan.
The price is 5,000 yen per print.

  • Print A (Winter Journey)
  • Print B (7:30pm)
  • Print C (Dead End Town)

I made other prints but the sale of those prints are exclusive to the publishers.

  • Print D (Crows on Wintry Field)
  • Print E (Seaside Cat)
  • Print F (Raindrops)

Print D, Print E and Print F are available at PhotoBookStore.

  • Print G (Passing Carriage)

Print G is available at Blue Lotus Editions.

Thank you.


新刊Into the Silenceは一冊7,500円になります。国内への送料は710円です。銀行振込もしくはPayPalでお支払いいただけます。ご購入ご希望の方は私宛てメールをくださいませ。


Book order (Inside Japan)

One copy of Into the Silence is 7,500 yen. And the shipping cost will be 710 yen. Payable by bank transfer or PayPal. For purchase, please email me to .

Thank you.

Print Sales

Handmade silver gelatin prints are available. Prints will be made delicately in my darkroom, and all prints will be printed on ILFORD MULTIGRADE FIBRE BASE WARMTONE glossy paper. the best paper for monochrome prints (so I believe). For inquiry, please make contact with Ms. Sarah Greene, the director of Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong.

Setanta Books, an online bookshop in London, also sells 16x20” size prints from The Dreaming series (see below).

For inquiry, please contact Mr. Keith Cullen.

Color prints are also available. All prints are archival pigment prints and will be printed on Pictran Kyokushi Baryta, the highest quality photographic paper in Japan. For inquiry, please contact me directly.

Thank you.