Now Tokyo Silence Book & Zine Combo is available on this website. The zine version of Tokyo Silence, published by Tour Dogs in 2021, features 20 B&W photos, including some photos which don’t appear in the book version of Tokyo Silence.
The price is 6,220 Japanese Yen (about €46.5) plus shipping.
Please email me to if you’re interested.

Thank you.

Tour Dogs


New book “Tokyo Silence” is now available for pre-order. If you wish to pre-order the book, please email me to . I’ll send books as soon as I receive them from the printing company. Shipment will be ready around March 25th. For the price of the book and shipping, please see “books & sales” → “book order”.

One sheet of signed postcard-sized archival pigment print will come with a copy of “Tokyo Silence” as a gift to the customers who purchase the book directly from me (until it lasts). Besides that gift print, 5×7” inches silver gelatin prints are also available for purchase. For details, please see “books & sales” → “print sales”. Thank you.


Tokyo Silence 予約販売のお知らせ

新刊 Tokyo Silence の予約販売を受け付けております。ご希望の方は私宛にメールをお送りください(。製本工場から本が届き次第順次発送いたします。発送は3月25日ごろを予定しております。値段などにつきましては”books & sales” 内 “book order”をご覧ください。

私から直接Tokyo Silenceをご購入下さった方へポストカードサイズのアーカイバルピグメントプリントを一枚差し上げております(在庫の限り)。また、このプリントの他、5×7インチサイズのバライタプリントもご用意しております。詳しくは”books and sales” 内の “print sales” をご覧ください。よろしくお願いいたします。